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Welcome to Tour Yellowstone and More!

We specialize in finding top tour guides to make your vacation to the west a most memorable one. Whether you want to see Yellowstone, or want to add more of a western experience to your vacation by staying a few days in the Cody area, we’re happy to help custom-craft your vacation. All trips depart from and return to Cody, Wyoming.

Thank you for making our family reunion a success. Hiring Tour Yellowstone  was the best thing we did. Bob Richard was the best!

The Larson Families

I took the Photography Tour through a winter wonderland of Yellowstone, I’ll never forget it. I’ve never had a more inspirational time!

S. Simons

Rod, thank you for two wonderful days in Yellowstone, sharing so much knowledge, finding those grizzly bears at the end of Day 2 and just being great company.

K Slater

Hi Tim,

I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how much we enjoyed our tour. With the long car trip from Philly, with our final destination Bozeman Montana to fly home, I thought about skipping the upper loop. I thought we maybe too tired and it would be easier to just hit old faithful and the prismatic pools. I am so glad I did not choose to do that.

First, we were tired but the scenery was beautiful and not having to drive gave us the break we needed. Not being in a large group gave us the time to stay longer at some places and to move along when we wanted.

Second, we came along two different young black bears. The one I know we would have missed without Mike because you could not see him until you pulled over and got out of the car. Mike was great at knowing when to pull over and get us out.

Third, we hit everything on our wish list and things we did not even know about like the petrified tree. The bison were majestic in their natural habitat. Oh yes my sister did want to see a grizzly bear and Mike did get us to one but the bear said no and moved out of sight before we got to see him. But Mike got us very close to seeing one.

Fourth, Let me talk a little bit about Mike Stewart. He was great, he was calm and knowledgeable. He was thoughtful and cautious. He always made sure we were safe getting in and out of the car when pulled over on the side of the road because of traffic. Even though it was a long day he never rushed us even towards the end of the day. In fact as we were leaving he asked if we had time for one more stop. He took us to overlook the Yellowstone lake. He took out his map and showed us how big the caldera was to the lake. Being able to look out at the massive lake and at the map blew me away. It really made you understand how large Yellowstone is really. Also, his love of the park really came across. We left with a much greater respect for the park. I could not have asked for a better guide.

Last, lunch was fantastic even the kids ate everything. Everyone loved the bread and the brownies.

Thank you so much for the tour of a lifetime. I will always recommend you to anyone I know heading to Yellowstone or Cody area. Let Mike know what a wonderful time we had and we are forever grateful for the experience.

B Persia


We specialize in custom-crafting your tour to Cody/Yellowstone Country, so we can mix and match the tours below.

Yellowstone: Hayden LOWER LOOP TOUR


Available early May through late October

Full Day Tour

This tour is named for the Hayden expedition that traveled through this area of Yellowstone in 1871. It took them all summer to travel through the park. We will see the southern half in one day!

Travel from Cody through the beautiful Wapiti Valley to the East entrance of the park. This trip will take you to Old Faithful geyser and along the way you will see Yellowstone Lake, Lake Hotel, Fishing Bridge, West Thumb, the Continental Divide, the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, the Lower Falls (308′ high) and the Hayden Valley which is world renown for it’s wildlife.  Lots of photography opportunities! 

Yellowstone: Washburn UPPER LOOP TOUR


Available early May to late October

Full Day Tour

This tour is named for the Washburn/Langford/Doane expedition that traveled through this area of Yellowstone in 1870. This expedition recognized the need for this area to be preserved for future generations. Entering the Park via the scenic and historic Chief Joseph Highway and the NE Entrance, we will see the famed Lamar Valley, then follow the upper loop to Mammoth Hot Springs and the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. Depending upon your interests, we will either follow the Washburn Expedition route over the mountain named for the General and retrace our path through the Lamar, or continue south through Hayden Valley and exit the Park through the East Entrance on our way back to Cody.  Lots of photography opportunities!

Yellowstone: HIKING TOUR


Available mid May to late October

Full Day Tour

Would you like to get off the road and see the pristine Yellowstone backcountry as it has been for millennia? Would you like to see things very few visitors ever see? We can take you there!

Whether you just want an easy short hike or an all day strenuous expedition, we can design a safe and memorable expedition for you. Please note, travel through the backcountry is not without risk. Yellowstone contains some truly wild country. Groups of three or more adults (including your guide) are recommended.



Available year round

Full Day or Half Day Tours Avaliable (full day recommended)

Wildlife in the Yellowstone ecosystem and Cody Country is truly wild. Free to live their lives as nature intends. Because there is absolutely no hunting in all of the Park’s 2.2 million acres, animals, while still fearful of humans, can be more tolerant. As a consequence, Yellowstone is without equal in the lower 48 states for wildlife viewing. You might see bison, elk, deer, black bears, grizzly bears, wolves, big horn sheep, pronghorn, fox, coyote, bald eagles and much more.

The best viewing will take into account that wildlife, of all sorts, large and small, are completely tuned to their environment. This means that their visibility will be subject to seasons, time of day, food sources and many other variables. You will improve your chances of seeing significant wildlife when you travel with one of our naturalist guides. They know the rhythm of the seasons here and can take you to places they know to be active areas at the time of your visit.  Our professional guides will also help you to better understand, appreciate and enjoy the wildlife of this area.



Available June to Late September

Full Day Tour

Depart Cody at 7:30 am and travel over the Chief Joseph Scenic Highway. On this route you will see incredible geological formations to include Absoroka lava formations, sedimentary formations and the results of the glacial periods. This is one of our most scenic tours and includes panoramas and vistas to delight the visitors and photographers with spectacular views.

The tour includes the Sunlight Basin, Upper Clark’s Fork of the Yellowstone River, Historic Cooke City (old mining town) and Beartooth Mountains which have some of the most scenic high alpine meadows, lakes and glaciers in America. The wildflowers are in their prime in July and August. Then we will travel on to Red Lodge, Montana and travel along the eastern front of the Beartooth Mountains, returning to Cody at approximately 5:00 pm.



Available year round

Full Day or Half Day Tour

Travel east from Cody to the McCullough Peaks or to Bighorn Canyon National Park to see wild horses and other wildlife including numerous pronghorns. In a full day trip we will continuing east to Shell to visit the Dinosaur tracks and fossils. This trip can offer two options at this point. You can either visit Native American petroglyphs or travel through the Big Horn Mountains to Shell Falls and the scenic canyons. We should have you back in Cody in time for a leisurely evening meal!



Available Year Round

Full Day Tour recommended

A landscape of sheer cliffs towering 1,000 feet above a ribbon of blue water is what will impress you first. But the millennium of history here will stay with you as you learn about paths blazed by Paleo-Indians, the story of the Crow people’s fight for land and justice, the era of mountain men and the pioneers that followed as they transformed passages through the area.

The historical legacies of open range, family and dude ranching and a host of eccentrics who lived out extraordinary lives – all lived here. Fast forward to our own times, where the harnessing of a river’s power helps set light to our world and today, and wild herds of horses and big horn sheep still roam. (Description courtesy of the Big Horn Canyon National Recreation Area)



Available Year Round

Full Day Tour

Did you ever think you could see a real dinosaur footprint? Not something someone thought would look like it but the real thing?

Or tepee rings, fire pits and cave or cliff drawings left by Paleo-Indians and their decedents? We can show you these and more in the high desert that surrounds the Cody area. A great trip for kids and adults alike.



Available All Year

Half Day Tour

Depart Cody and travel up the South Fork of the Shoshone River. As we follow the river through the valley, the spectacular Carter Mountain is on your left with scenic views of other numerous mountains and valleys. We will cross the historic Cody Salsbury canal which brought the first water and irrigation to the Cody. On this tour you will see the TE foothills, that were part of Bill Cody’s former cattle ranch as well as other historic and majestic ranches. Wildlife in this area is abundant and we recommend that this tour be taken at either dawn or dusk.


Stay in Cody.

There’s a wealth of activities in Cody, Wyoming from the world-class Buffalo Bill Center of the West which houses five museums, to the Cody Nite Rodeo, to visiting Old Trail Town - a collection of historic cabins from the area. Top that off with dining at historic Irma Hotel and even shooting historic firearms including a real Gatling Gun at the Cody Firearms Experience. Consider fly fishing with North Fork Anglers. There is plenty to do in Cody/Yellowstone Country.

Flying in? Cody’s Yellowstone Regional Airport offers year-round commercial service via Delta and United Airlines. Choice Aviation offers FBO and chartered flights.

LEARN MORE about making Cody/Yellowstone Country your Yellowstone vacation base camp.


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