Now that it’s past the Fourth of July, that means summer has finally arrived to Cody/Yellowstone country. The days of snow are safely behind us and it’s time to start making summer memories with our clients.

Bears and other wildlife are a bit harder to find as they’re starting to move up to the cooler elevations. But that also means some of our favorite hiking trails are now open or dried out enough to access. It’s time to hit the trails and this year proves to be a spectacular one for exploring into the wilderness of the park.

That’s because this winter gave us a heavy snowpack that is now melting into one of the best wildflower seasons we’ve had in awhile. Due to elevation changes in the park, the wildflowers will be at their peak somewhere for quite a few weeks to come. Our guides will take you to where you can enjoy them and the grand vistas that only Yellowstone provides.

Summer is also when the crowds increase as well. That’s for good reason - this is when the park is at its finest. Taking a hike in Yellowstone will get you out of the crowds and into the silence of nature quicker than you might imagine. As you walk along a trail, it never ceases to amaze us how quickly the noise of the roads gives way to the sounds of the birds on the breeze. When the wind is calm, the silence wraps itself around you like a comforting blanket that takes all the cares of the world away.

This is the magic of Yellowstone in summer. Let us know what type of hike you’re interested in - maybe a walk through wide open meadows that lead to a pristine lake is your preference. Or perhaps you want to get to a spot that gives you a grand vista of mountains. We’re happy to help custom-craft your days with us.

Book your tour today and let us share with you the Yellowstone summer we know and love.