Available year round - Full day trips only
Wildlife in Yellowstone is truly wild. Free to live their lives as nature intends. Because there is absolutely no hunting in all of the Park’s 2.2 million acres, animals, while still fearful of humans, can be more tolerant. As a consequence, Yellowstone is without equal in the lower 48 states for wildlife viewing. You might see bison, elk, deer, black bears, grizzly bears, wolves, big horn sheep, pronghorn, fox, coyote, bald eagles and much more.

The best viewing will take into account that wildlife, of all sorts, large and small, are completely tuned to their environment. This means that their visibility will be subject to seasons, time of day, food sources and many other variables. You will improve your chances of seeing significant wildlife when you travel with one of our naturalist guides. They know the rhythm of the seasons here and can take you to places they know to be active areas at the time of your visit.  Our professional guides will also help you to better understand, appreciate and enjoy the wildlife of this area.   For some additional examples of what you might see, please visit our sister site: Meg Sommers Photography