We often get calls wondering about the difference between hiring a guide and hiring a step-on guide.

A step-on guide is a tour guide that’s hired to join a tour group on their bus/motorcoach and give the tour. Many of our tour guides are willing to also be step-on guides.

Here are a few of the commonly asked questions and answers about Step-on guides.

Q: So, in what situations does this work?
A: Reunions and other gatherings where you’ve hired a bus and you need a tour guide. Other tour companies who have booked a tour bus can hire a local expert to give the tour for this area.

Q: Can a family hire a step-on guide if the family drives?
A: No, this doesn’t fall under our requirements for a step on guide. In this situation, we ask you to book a regular tour.

Q: We have a bus tour starting in Cody, but we will not return to Cody. Can this work?
A: Yes, provided we can arrange for the transportation of the guide back to Cody. There will be an extra charge to shuttle the guide back to Cody.  Please contact us if you are interested.

Q: How is this different from hiring a guide on a regular tour?
A: Our regular tours include your transportation, lunch and guide for up to 5 or 6 people. Since you are in a smaller vehicle, you can travel to some stops that do not allow for buses. With the smaller size group, you usually are able to see more since there’s not the wait for everyone to gather after a stop.

Do you still have a question? Contact us and we’ll be happy to visit with you to custom-craft your Cody/Yellowstone tour.