Historic Background of Grubsteak Tours

Tour Yellowstone, a division of Grub Steak Expeditions, carries on the family tradition of sharing the beauty of Yellowstone with visitors since 1904. While generations come and go, some things never change, like the quality and value we provide. Bob Richard followed in the footsteps of his grandfather Fred, who was a partner of the Frost and Richard Ranch. In the early 1900s, Fred escorted guests of Buffalo Bill Cody through Yellowstone Park, entertaining them with tales of history, often from personal experience. They were one of the region’s most prominent tour operators of the time, driving stagecoaches for Yellowstone tours that took three weeks of bone-jarring travel.

As a former Yellowstone Park Ranger in the 1950s on the “horse patrol”, Bob Richard later owned, ran and personified Grub Steak Expeditions for decades. His guides have always been the most knowledgeable, friendly and people oriented locals you can find anywhere.

In 2022 Grub Steak Expeditions/Tour Yellowstone was purchased by Mike Stewart and Rod Tripp, guides who  worked for the previous owner for the past 7 years. Mike and Rod have worked closely with Bob to insure Tour Yellowstone continues with the same professionalism and exceptional customer service that has always existed. Bob continues to train all guides, and occasionally does tours sharing his knowledge and fascinating Cody/Yellowstone history.

Photos below courtesy of the Yellowstone National Park Archives, all taken circ. 1904