Available year round – This trip can be either a half day or full day
From Cody you will travel up the Northfork of the Shoshone River through the beautiful Wapiti Valley. See pre-Cambrian granite formations, dolomite limestone formations, Absoroka lava flow formations and numerous wildlife. Your guide will also tell stories that bring the Old West alive. The history of the early settlers of the Cody area is quite colorful. See the early homesteads, hear true stories of the founders of Cody, see the magnificent ranches that are still in existence and hear about how they were developed.
During December through April the Big Horn Sheep are often visible in large numbers on the Northfork, and usually well with range of most photographers. Continue on to the historic Pahaska Teepee (Buffalo Bill’s former hunting lodge). On the way back to Cody, you will learn even more local history of area including Native American traces and early settlers and maybe even a few tall tales!