It was the day after the storm had passed. Three, or maybe four days of harsh spring winds had subsided and the day promised to be glorious - and it was. Starting in January, we schedule tour guide training days for Tour Yellowstone in advance, not knowing whether or not the weather will cooperate. This is pretty much like any tour. Some days lend themselves to exploring outside, and others we stay in the vehicle and buildings. Either way, we find ways to thoroughly enjoy the day and this amazing Cody/Yellowstone country.

Our guides usually have a particular area of expertise since many of them are retired or semi-retired. Today we had the pleasure of learning from the original owner of Tour to Yellowstone/Grubsteak Tours, Bob Richard. His family has been in this area since before Cody was a town. His knowledge of the area history is phenomenal and all of us deeply appreciated the opportunity to learn more from him.

We headed just outside of town to see tepee rings we can show on some of our tours, and then out to where the are many more to see for other tours. The couple inches of snow with no wind made for a delightful stop and great photos.

Then we were off to see the petroglyphs out at Legend Rock. With a stop at the museum in Meteetsee to learn a bit more about photographer Charles Belden and artist Olive Fell, we were off again to the open prairie of this wild western land.


While there are petroglyphs throughout this area full of sandstone bluffs coated in desert varnish, Legend Rock has some interpretive signage and is a managed area with picnic tables and restrooms. We walked the interpretive trail, marveling at the fact this area has been visited for millennia by humans and then came back to enjoy the area as well as we ate our lunches. Each of us were ready for the generous sandwiches, chips, fruit and an amazing brownie - the normal lunch we have on our trips. One of these days I need to try the Calamity Jane - the vegan sandwich people just rave about. But today I had my regular order.

We had planned to head to Thermopolis to go through the Dinosaur Museum there, but just as we are with our custom-crafted tours, we can change our minds midstream if we want. We ended up heading to a couple of areas where Tim shared his vast knowledge of the oil industry in this area. We even got to see a clearly defined anticline and dome that’s still in active use in the oil industry.

Afterwards, we wound our way back to Cody, learning more tidbits of information along the way. All of us agreed that we’re ready to see the summer season start. Will you join us? We would love to share this area we call home with you! Call us today to learn more.