Tour Guide - Rodd Tripp - Tour to Yellowstone

Rod Tripp, co-owner of Grub Steak Expeditions, recently returned to Wyoming to retire and enjoy Cody Country’s great recreational opportunities. Born in California and raised in a rural environment outside the San Francisco Bay Area, Rod has a background in Rangeland Ecology and worked in California 30 years in this field. He was responsible for grazing management, wildfire suppression, prescribed fire management as well as an interpretive program. Rod and his wife, Susie have three grown children. An avid outdoorsman, Rod understands the changing ecology of the Yellowstone Ecosystem and enjoys sharing his passion for this area with others.

Specialties:  Natural Sciences and wildlife

Rod was awesome! It was absolutely the BEST way to experience the grandeur of Yellowstone and to learn so much.
C-R Lach

Rod, thank you for two wonderful days in Yellowstone, sharing so much knowledge, finding those grizzly bears at the end of Day 2 and just being great company.
K Slater

A tour guide is the foundation for looking at Yellowstone, it is so massive that not all of it can be seen in a span of 3 days but Rod definitely showed us every inch of Yellowstone, or so it seemed. He was a fantastic tour guide and we would definitely give him a 20/10 rating. His knowledge of the outdoors and wildlife really puts him above and beyond any tour guide.
Yash T.

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