Bob Richard is a gifted storyteller who imparts his love of Yellowstone Country on every personal tour he guides. He inspires his guests with the legends and lore of the region based on three generations of family history. During his childhood on the North Fork of the Shoshone River, Bob’s grandfather Fred showed him “every mountain and stream” and told him how it got its name. His father Jack Richard, the region’s best-known photojournalist, passed on his love of the high country and taught Bob skills he still uses as a professional photographer. Bob has a broad range of knowledge based on his experience as a cattle rancher, military veteran, school teacher, civic leader and book author. His many years as a Yellowstone Park Ranger gave him the keys to unlock Yellowstone’s greatest hidden treasures.

Company Founder, Guide Trainer & Mentor

Bob gave us the tour of a lifetime. One day touring the Cody area, we learned how much there is in this area - we’ll definitely be back.
Susan F.

Bob’s knowledge of the history of this area just astounded us. If you can get him as a tour guide, count yourself lucky.
Tom and Nancy

We thoroughly enjoyed the tour. We’ve lived here for a few years now, but learned more on this tour with Bob than we could have imagined. Thank you!
Sarah and William

Bob Richard posing for photos on a tour.
Bob explains about the history of the Cody area.

Bob is unavailable for tours this year